Unlock Your Data – The Client Experience

Looking to apply advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and visualization solutions to solve a business problem? The Lab brings the challenges faced by real companies into our classroom, delivering deep insights and innovative ideas to drive your business forward.

Under the guidance of our world-class advisors and in collaboration with your company, teams of three or four students dive deeply into your data over the final two terms of the MBAN and MMAI programs. All the Lab’s advanced tools and techniques are leveraged to unlock insights and deliver tangible outcomes. Your company’s proprietary data is kept secure and confidential every step of the way, protected by an NDA and the school’s secure methods.

Why be a sponsor organization?

  • It delivers world-class insights and tangible outcomes for your proposed business use case
  • It connects you to highly qualified analytics and artificial intelligence talent for future recruiting
  • It includes access to high-calibre MBAN and MMAI advisors
  • It enhances your relationship with the Schulich School of Business

What do we look for in a project?

  • Unique challenges with problems applicable to diverse industries
  • Clean and rich data from the onset with access to a full dataset
  • The opportunity to provide priceless business insights
  • Commitment from you to work with students on a weekly basis

Getting Started

Interested in submitting a project proposal?